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SilverSurge killing radiant_oblivion in the Hunger Games.

Here you can see all the interactions Radiant_oblivion and SilverSurge had.


During pre-merge of season 1. Their Rivalry possibly could have been caused when SilverSurge would be serious about building a home. SilverSurge, Papius, and radiant_oblivion rushed and finished their house right at the brink of night. SilverSurge worked the night as radiant_oblivion hadn't done very much.

Season 1 Overview

During the first challenge they both cheered for the team together. SilverSurge joked around while they sat listen for the challenge instructions. SilverSurge gave instructions to radiant_oblivion to throw the bucket and she said she'll try. Although they had a rivalry at first they were friendly toward eachother. Radiant_oblivion threw the buckets slowly but she still managed to finish before AlcoholicRobot making SilverSurge happy. They won the challenge quickly and got the reward. The reward was an immunity idol clue and radiant_oblivion was given the clue AGAIN. During the social challenge in episode 5. In the first question radiant_oblivion said SilverSurge was the leader of their team. In the second question radiant_oblivion said she was the weakest link in her team. radiant_oblivion said SilverSurge talked the most. SilverSurge said radiant_oblivion was the most annoying on their team. radiant_oblivion said she would take SilverSurge to the final two if she was in it. When they lost the challenge they argued about all their decisions. SilverSurge found the immunity idol but decided to share it with radiant_oblivion and Papius. In the second challenge radiant_oblivion was told to sit down. radiant_oblivion and SilverSurge's Team lost but HystrixSA gave radiant_oblivion the clue. At the island when SilverSurge was killing a creeper radiant_oblivion hit SilverSurge toward it. In the second personal challenge they lost. SilverSurge, Papius, and radiant_oblivion head for tribal council. SilverSurge said that both of his teammates Papius and radiant_oblivion were both useful. They all were sad of Voting. While radiant_oblivion voted SilverSurge said: "She's got a lot of pep, I like that." At council radiant_oblivion was voted out by SilverSurge and herself(Supposedly). SilverSurge said he felt terrible for voting radiant_oblivion off. SilverSurge and Papius made a memorial for radiant_oblivion.

Season 2 Overview

As the Challenge begun SilverSurge rushed in and was given the Iron Sword getting the first kill. During the game radiant_oblivion started a conversation with him:

Radiant_oblivion"You know I dont think you're very nice Joe."

SilverSurge: "Why don't you think I'm very nice?"

Radiant_oblivion: "Because I think you were trying to kill me when we first started."

SilverSurge"Wasn't tryin' to kill you. I was trying to kill AlcoholicRobot.

Radiant_oblivion"Someone was trying to kill me when we first started."

SilverSurge"Was not me."