Radiant oblivion
Radiant oblivion
Contestant Profile
Nick Names' Kait, Kaitee

Season 1

Tribe(s) Blue Team
Placement 5th
Challenge(s) Won 2
Vote(s) Against 2

Season 2

Tribe(s) Green Team
Placement 1st
Vote(s) Against 2

Radiant_oblivion made her debut as a contestant in season 1 of Minecraft Survivor placed in the Blue Team. In season 2 she originally competed in green team until she was switched with Papius to orange.

Season 1

At the beginning of Season 1 radiant_oblivion had not done the smartest things. In the first challenge she finished fourth giving her the last spot in team blue. In episode 2 she annoyed kawaiivinny with all her questions. She was confused the whole time and was always troubled when reaching her island. Due to her confusion and stupitidy blue got the second island. At the end of episode 2 she was given the immunity idol clue. 

Voting History

Kait's Voting History
Tribal Council Kait's
Voted Against
1 Blue Team Immune
2 Kait Kait, SilverSurge
Voted Out,7/8

Season 2

During Season two radiant_oblivion took a more hostile approach toward everyone. The first challenge was a hunger games remake in which it was every man for themselves. She survived until SilverSurge was the only other player during the Hunger Games challenge. She then was killed by SilverSurge and claimed he cheated because he dodged her arrow. She and SilverSurge were the first two players sent two isolation island. As they walk they joke around and get a long. They both found three clues together but them. At the beginning of episode 2 she, deviouskyle251, and SilverSurge were argueing about who hit eachother while heading to a challenge. At the challenge SilverSurge is given the rank of team captain on his team and he give therealninjaboy the leadership of the team. When the two leaders picked their team she was picked by therealninjaboy and complained that her team had three players. The award challenge begun and radiant_oblivion was second to play. The first question she was asked was a two part question. She could not anwser the second part so she moved up. Due to her whole team falling in to a hole her team lost and orange team won. 

Friends & Enemies

Friends Enemies
Papius SilverSurge
therealninjaboy deviouskyle251
speedwinner1337 (behind the scenes) HystrixSA


  • radiant_oblivion and SilverSurge were always hostile toward each other but in the first award challenge where they were asked questions about eliminated players, the question was: Who would you like to take to the final two who has been voted off? Her reply was SilverSurge.
  • radiant_oblivion is currently the only female player to have won Minecraft Survivor.
  • She has been on Isolation Island more than she has been on the regular island.
  • She is the first female contestant voted out.
  • She is kawaiivinny's younger sister.
  • She is the first Returning Player to win.

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