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AlcoholicRobot: Hello and Welcome to the Weekly and first Minecraft Survivor NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

PsychoManStudios: That's right! We are gonna have one each Friday EVERY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AlcoholicRobot: First we would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! 

PsychoManStudios: Yes, Thanksgiving is Great and best of all no School! Hope all of you people out their are enjoying your Thanksgiving Day!

Episode 5

AlcoholicRobot: Let's get to the News!

PsychoManStudios: Recently, Episode 5 came out on Monday! Kawaii started the video out with reading the Rules of a Great Challenge! 

Although, it was short it was still a challenge that brought people out of their Seats! 

AlcoholicRobot: Ahh Yes the Suspense! Such a short challenge but it's scary to think about and I was there!

PsychoManStudios: Yes, how did it feel to know that your winning streak could end?

AlcoholicRobot: Well, I wasn't in the challenge so I didn't have a clue of who was winning!

PsychoManStudios: EchoMaster2 was smart to have done that challenge already!

Well, not smart just Lucky to have done it already. No offense AlcoholicRobot but I was hoping Blue Team would have won. 

AlcoholicRobot: I can see why considering they had lost Three Times in a row!

PsychoManStudios: I had also wished you would have voted EchoMaster2 out

AlcoholicRobot: To bad we didn't lose that time!

PsychoManStudios: Yes to bad.

The Tribal Council

PsychoManStudios: Ahhhhhh, The Tribal Council. 

AlcoholicRobot: Yes, we watch as our Third Time in a Row Losers walk to sit at Council

PsychoManStudios: Hey! They're not losers! 

AlcoholicRobot: Well, they've lost Three times in a Row!

PsychoManStudios: Ugh! Well, I am going to ignore what you said.

They all discuss what happened during the challenges and at the Island!

AlcoholicRobot: Then they start with the votes.

PsychoManStudios: The Suspense, The Four remaining players of Team Blue with their minds running with Worrying thoughts.

AlcoholicRobot: They think to themselves who will leave tonight? 

PsychoManStudios: The votes are called out! Megsie, Megsie, UGAdawgs222, and............ Megsie!

How dare they vote out DMMegsie ! She's the only girl left! At least let her make it to merge!

AlcoholicRobot: Well, it was a deed done.

Other News

PsychoManStudios: Hey guys! Who do you think will get voted out next?

AlcoholicRobot: Yea, write in the comment section below and we will tell who had the most votes!

PsychoManStudios: Oh and also check out my Episode 5 Review. Just click on Episode 5 Review!

Episode 5 Review

AlcoholicRobot: Well, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

PsychoManStudios: Yep and be safe!