Minecraft Survivor: Season 1
Contestants 7
Winner AlcoholicRobot
Runner-Up HystrixSA

Episodes 14
Started Aug 8, 2012
Ended Aug 27, 2012

Minecraft Survivor: Season 1 (Also know as Minecraft Survivor) was created by YouTuber kawaiivinny. It featured seven contestants and the host, which was kawaiivinny herself. The first episode started out with all seven contestants battling it out into two seperate teams (marked by two seperate colors): Red and Blue. Throughout the game, many different necesities were introduced, such as Award Challenges, Immunity Challenges, Hidden Immunity Items, The Coucil, etc. The players and host communicated through Mumble, an application similar to Teamspeak 3. There were a total of 14 episodes in the season.


The description of Minecraft Survivor (which was displayed on episodes 1 through 4) was: Welcome to the first season of Minecraft: Survivor. 7 players compete to see who can survive in the world of Minecraft. They face many obstacles and challenges when the sun goes up, and they must survive the Minecraft mobs and focus on building their camps at night. Who will be this season's Minecraft survivor?

In addition to this, there would be a one- to three-sentence summary of the episode.

Elimination Order


Please do not continue if you have not seen the series first.

Name/Episode 1 6 9 10 11 14
AlcoholicRobot Red Team Safe Winning Team Merged Safe Winner
HystrixSA Red Team Safe Winning Team Merged Immune Runner-up
Papius Blue Team Winning Team Safe Merged Safe Eliminated
SilverSurge Blue Team Winning Team Safe Merged Voted Out
radiant_oblivion Blue Team Winning Team Voted Out
Nemui89 Red Team Voted Out
Deviouskyle251 No Team, Eliminated