PsychoManStudios: The Final Five head to there Second to Last Challenge! Very Interesting, maybe we'll be seeing a Final 3 this Season

AlchoholicRobot101(Fake AlcholicRobot): Yes maybe you are right.

PsychoManStudios: Kawaii explains the challenge and it is a Golf Challenge!

AlcholicRobot101: Yes such a good idea using snowballs for Golf Balls!

PsychoManStudios: Timon93 and Speedwinner1337 are almost equal during the game!

AlcholicRobot101: BPut Speedwinner1337 gets to the end quicker and wins the challenge.


PsychoManStudios: At Elimination John_Bro suspects his elimintion.

AlcoholicRobot101: He says that he will get four votes.

PsychoManStudios: To his dismay he gets Four votes.

AlcoholicRobot101: We say goodbye to yet again another contestant leaving us with our final four.

PsychoManStudios: The Contestants head to something special at the Commons *Cough* Auction *Cough*

The Auction

AlcoholicRobot101: The Classic Auction known to be in many seasons of Survivor.

PsychoManStudios: At the Auction there are not very many items.

AlcholicRobot101: CjColey2 earns most of the items that will come to his use in The Final Challenge.

PsychoManStudios: Speedwinner1337 gets the useless items Soul Sand, and Fancy Pants.

AlcoholicRobot101: Although Brotherbird50 gets one item it comes to his use even though Speedwinner1337 earned more items in the Auction.

The Challenge

PsychoManStudios: The Final Challenge of the Season is simple. Two will make it and two will be eliminated.

AlcoholicRobot101: Speedwinner1337 is given the long way by Timon93 and CjColey2 is given 3 Soul Sand which will not be a very major effect in the Challenge.

PsychoManStudios: At the beginning the four rush to the lava tunnels were they will meet many deaths during the challenge.

AlcoholicRobot101: Brotherbird50 is the only who looks like he willl win at the end of the Episode.


PsychoManStudios: Before we leave we are starting a new segment were we predict what will happen.

AlcoholicRobot101: I predict that Brotherbird50 will manage to get to the finale and that Timon93 will head up after him. Speedwinner1337 and CjColey2 will be stuck in the chaos of the parkour for a long time.

PsychoManStudios: I predict that Brotherbird50 will be ahead for a bit until he loses his spot when Timon93 and Speedwinner1337 pass him. I believe (like AlcoholicRobot101) that CjColey2 will be stuck in the chaos of the parkour. Timon93 and Speedwinner1337 will make it to the end together.


AlcoholicRobot101: Well this is Goodbye until February 7th, 2014!

PsychoManStudios: See ya'll later!