PsychoManStudios: Why Hello, My beautiful Survivors before me and AlcoholicRobot get to the News we Wish you a Merry Christmas!

AlcoholicRobot: Merry Christmas Survivors!

PsychoManStudios: So last time we left you the Challenge Started. Papius was now on Team Blue with Brotherbird50, Timon93 and UGAdawgs222

AlcoholicRobot: The Challenge goes slowly as the teams gather resources with Haste.

PsychoManStudios: Wait so they have a haste potion?

AlcoholicRobot: No it's just a term of use.

PsychoManStudios: So you're saying the Haste effect isnt real?

AlcoholicRobot: No! Just get back to the news!

PsychoManStudios: Alright, So Green Team won the Challenge Yet again sending them to the Tribal Council for the fourth time.

Elimination 1

AlcoholicRobot: At the Elimination Papius and UGAdawgs222 both get two votes each. Timon93 comes up and says can I play the immunity Idol for someone?

PsychoManStudios: Kawaiivinny: Yes you can. Papius is Sadly eliminated and they all say sorry but Papius leaves happily.

AlcoholicRobot: Well goodbye Papius

More News

PsychoManStudios: At the 6th challenge Blue tied with Green.

AlcoholicRobot: Yes, I beat UGAdawgs222, Timon93 beat Cjcoley2 and Speedwinner1337 and Brotherbird50 tied.

PsychoManStudios: Although in the Tie-Breaker it looked like Brotherbird50 was going to win. Speedwinner1337 came in first giving his team five victories to Blue's one win.

I feel like Brotherbird50 is a goner. I mean if Timon93 voted with Papius UGAdawgs222 would be gone. Sorry But I feel like that.

Other Stuff

AlcoholicRobot: In other News who is the MVP of the Season? I think I am.

PsychoManStudios: No, I think it's either Timon93 or Speedwinner1337.

Who do you think is the MVP of the Season? 

AlcoholicRobot: Please tell us in the Description!

PsychoManStudios: Welp, I love you Survivors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Team

Blue Team
AlcoholicRobot Brotherbird50
CjColey2 Deviouskyle251
EchoMaster2 DMMegsie
John_Bro Papius
Speedwinner1337 SilverSurge