Contestant Profile
Nick Names' dcx
Placement Season 3: 7th
Challenge(s) Won 1

DCX666 is a contestant in Season 3 of Minecraft Survivor on the Red Team. After he became a staff member.

About DCX

DCX is a former Youtuber who infamously uploaded copyrighted materials that got put down by viacom at 2006 and also uploaded I wanna be the guy fangames which gave him a cult following.

DCX is usually seen as a busy person and dispite his reputation for being an internet/international narcissistic, mysognystic, masochist, former arsonist and destructionist he has perform various altruistic quilities such as frequent long distant running for charities, 12th time blood donator, made a person clean off drugs for 2 years and many more

DCX is currently creating new set of games for game night or it's very own "survivor" style gameplay

Season 3


Friends & Enemies

Friends Enemies
Kawaiivinny AlcoholicRobot


  • He is one of three players to be voted out before the Merge and never return as a contestant ever again.
  • To a few fans DCX is considered a "favorite" despite appearing in only two episodes.

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