Contestant Profile
Nick Names' CJ

Season 4

Tribe(s) Green
Placement 3rd
Alliance(s) Speedy,Timon
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 3

CjColey2 is a contestant who made his debut in Season 4 of Minecraft Survivor.

Season 4

CjColey2 is a contestant who started on Green Team. He and his teammates combined efforts allowed Green Team to win numerous times. After winning Three challenges in a row his team finally lost in the Challenge Animal Herding. At Elmination Speedwinner1337, Papius, John_Bro and CjColey2 voted EchoMaster2 out due to his bossiness.


  • He has never won an individual immunity challenge.
  • He was a Builder in Season 5

Friends & Enemies

Friends Enemies
Speedwinner1337 EchoMaster2
Timon93 John_Bro
Brotherbird50 AlcoholicRobot101
DMMegsie (behind the scenes)

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