Blue Team

Blue Team is a team featured in Season 1 and 4 of Minecraft Survivor.

Leviakitties Blue Season 1

In Season 1 their were three players on this team. They were: Papius, SilverSurge, and radiant_oblivion. The reason it's called Leviakitties Blue is because that's what the team members named it.

Contestant Table

Contestants Eliminated
Papius(Papi) Episode 14
SilverSurge(Joe) Episode 11
radiant_oblivion(Kait) Episode 9

Challenge Status

Challenge Status
Immunity 1 Won
Immunity 2 Lost

Voting Table

Joe Papi Kait
Tribal 1 Kait Papi Kait

Season 1 Blue Team Trivia

  • Although none of these players were eliminated first until the third elimination they were all eliminated one after the other.
  • Every single player on this team made it to season 2 unlike red team who only had two players go to season 2.
  • Papius and SilverSurge are in the top four players.

True Blue Season 4

In Season 4 their were six players on this team. The contestants are: Brotherbird50, Deviouskyle251, DMMegsie, SilverSurge, Timon93, and UGADawgs222 until Papius was switched in Episode 7.

Contestant Table

Contestants Eliminated
Brotherbird50(Rob) (Won Season 4)
Timon93(Timon) Episode 15
UGAdawgs222(UGA) Episode 10
Papius(Papi) Episode 8
DMMegsie(Megsie) Episode 5
Deviouskyle251(Kyle) Episode 4
SilverSurge(Joe) Episode 2

Challenge Status

Challenge Status
Six Legs Lost 
Challenge 2 Lost
Animal Herding Win
Challenge 4 Lost
Challenge 5 Lost
Challenge 6 Lost                        

Voting Table

Rob Timon Megsie Papi Kyle Joe UGA
Tribal 1 Joe Rob UGA (Green Team) Kyle Joe Megsie
Tribal 2 Megsie Kyle UGA (Green Team) Kyle Out Kyle
Tribal 3 Megsie Megsie UGA (Joins Next) Out Megsie
Tribal 4 UGA(1) Papi Out UGA(1) Papi
Tribal 5 UGA UGA Out Rob

1. Timon played the idol for UGA causing Papius to be voted out.

Season 4 Blue Team Trivia

  • Two of the three returnees are in the top four contestants.
  • SilverSurge is the only contestant in season 4 to have been on the blue team in season 1.
  • Coincidently, both blue teams in season 1 and 4 have had a female contestant.
  • This is the only team that has been nick-named by its members.
  • So far no one who has ever been on this team has won while playing on Blue.
  • This team has won once and lost 5 lost.
  •  This team has the largest amount of castaways. It contains 7 castaways in all.
  • Megsie always voted for UGA during the game.