• WaddleCraft

    " Is Best Known For..."

    December 22, 2014 by WaddleCraft

    Am I the only one who feels this wiki should mention stuff that's notable about players?

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  • WaddleCraft

    I'm going to stop making episodic reviews or whatever you want to call them. I may make blogs asking questions about this series that you can answer. Sometimes I'll give my choices, sometimes I won't. If this gets enough people giving answers, I'll probably continue this. If not, then this will be the only blog.

    As you can tell by the title, my first question is: Who do you feel played the best strategic, physical or social game in seasons 1-5? If you want, you can include season 6 out of what we have so far. I don't mean greatest triple threat, that may be another blog, I mean one player (you can add the same player to different categories) for strategic, one for physical, one for social. If you want, you can rank the representatives from …

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  • WaddleCraft

    Welcome to my review of Minecraft Survivor Season 5! I've already seen every episode and the livestream, but the old reviewer was in this season so I'm taking his place! Hopefully I don't mess this up.

    [hide]#THE REVIEW

      1. Purple team
      2. Yellow Team
        1. THE END
    1. the rating
      1. + Good introduction
      2. + Cliffhanger
      3. + Some developing strategy
      4. - Not much happening after the Schoolyard Pick
      5. Total Rating: 6.5/10
    2. Extra Note

    It's 6 minutes into the episode and the teams have been decided.

    Team Captain: Yomu

    Player 2: Epic_Duck3 (Dawson)

    Player 3: huffepufficus (Huffle)

    Player 4: stripytails777 (Stripy/Snover)

    Player 5:funnyswirl (Funny)

    Player 6: Max731313 (Max)

    Team Captain: SGFAZ (Faz)

    Player 2: beccy89 (Beccy)

    Player 3: cmndrsikey (Sikey)

    Player 4: michael918 (Michael)

    Player 5: EchoM…

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  • WaddleCraft

    Should the format of my review (the analysis (I think that's the right word) part) be like PsychoManStudios, or different? If so, how?

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  • WaddleCraft

    Season 5 Episode 1

    August 21, 2014 by WaddleCraft


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  • WaddleCraft

    Hello! It's me! Some random guy on the wiki A.K.A Waddles! The old reviewer, Sikey asked if I could review each episode of this season since he can't, so I will! The question is, do I make a blog review, or video review?

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  • WaddleCraft

    If you're wondering about the title, the parentheses are for the man part. I'm a little new to this series, like Survivor, but I'm a big fan. I will contribute to this wiki in any way I can. Ask me anything you want to know about me! Well, unless it's personal.

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  • KororFan


    March 20, 2014 by KororFan

    I found out there's a wikia along with the series so yay!

    I'm from the Survivor Wikis so if this wiki needs any tablemaking help I'll see what I can do :)

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  • Itiseragon


    March 14, 2014 by Itiseragon

    I figured out how to make colors! In source mode just type in:

    (space)style="background-color:(color you want);"|(Text)

    This is really useful for tables! I'm updating all of them now!

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Hey Guys so I'll be reviewing the Season 4 Bridges Challenge

    The Bridges Challenge as pre-merge with 8 players remaining. Blue Team came in with 3 players and Green Team came in with 5. Due to being uneven Blue got to pick a team member to be added to there team. He was papius. Blue Team later lost and Papius was voted off.

    So the challenge was a good idea. It's just to slow though. It took a long team and may have been better with a little bit of pvp. Yea. This is pretty much the review XD Sry its so mall :D. BYE


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  • PsychoManStudios

    Hello my potatoes of POTATO MINECRAFTIA.

    So for my first episode of minecraft survivor i'll be reviewing my all time favorite challenge: The Piston puzzle challenge! This challenge is the very first merge challenge ever played! It did take forever to play but it is cleary the most original one considering its one of like three brain challenges. I would love to see it return again for a third time! Not only has it appeared in season one but also season 3. Season 3 was a much harder/easier version evolving from season 1. I must say I prefer the season 1 puzzle when it was merge.

    So here is my rating for the season 1 puzzle

    +Quick Challenge



    +Brain Challenge

    +Merge Phase

    Now I'll rate the season 3 version



    -Longer t…

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Hello welcome back to Story Time Saturday!

    So last time or Two weeks ago HystrixSA died and Kait and the rest of the Gang were attacked by the Police.

    Kait continued shooting arrows at the Police. She had just seen her friend die. "Why was it him? Why couldn't it have been Joe?" She thought to herself. Joe, Papi, and Ninja were all she had left. She ran upstairs and ran to the window so she could get a better view of all the police officers surrounding her house. 

    Ninja, Joe and Papi continued shooting their arrows at the police but it seemed they wouldn't stop coming. "We need to leave Kait!" Papi yelled. Kait ran downstairs and said, "Wait I need to grab something from the basement!" Kait proceeded to run down to the basement and grabbed he…

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Hey, ya'll so I need to know the names of your alliances and the contestants in them.

    So You can't put a table but this is how I want it. Remember all Alliances!!!!!!!!!!

    Stuff Name Name Name Name
    Name Stealth Alliance

    Players Deviouskyle, Papius, and SilverSurge

    Season Season 3

    Yea that's the only alliance I know. In the comments I want you to tell me your alliances. What you would call them and all the players in it. Also the people that worked with them but were not officialy a part of it.

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Hey Guys sooooo I didnt get home until really late so I didnt have time to make the story that day. Sooo here's The story!

    Again this is the part where I talk about characters and who they're in the story

    Speedy is entertaining. I don't really think he's a villain or a hero. If he did want to be a villain he could have betrayed cj. But anyway he's a cool contestant. Speedy got booted early last season and I feel for him. He got good luck cuz usually you wont return being first out...... unless your Francesca Hogi who got voted out first in both of her seasons. But anyway I dont feel that Speedy is a veteran.

    Ahh Timon is beast! I wish he won the season but he didnt Sadly I hope he returns for Fans vs Favorites that would be coolio. Anyway The…

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Hello! Sikey here I hope ya'll read my Storytime Saturday story If you didnt click here: User Blog

    So on Thursday a Season 5 map trailer came out. Well i saw it 2 fridays ago but I actually got to pay attention to it this time. 

    So I've noticed a lot of things during the map trailer. One was pretty obvious it's underwater! I'm soooo stoked about this. I am totes gonna compete in it. Another thing I noticed is the teams. Purple and Yellow. Purple. Wow. Purple. WHY IS IT PURPLE. Nah I like purple but still I wasnt expecting any new teams. 


    Another thing i noticed is that Philio is taking a bigger part in the show now. If you pay attention kawaii was stuck in a room and there were some signs in it. I think it was feel the …

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Welcome to the first episode of Storytime Saturday!

    So this is the part were I talk about the characters!

    Contestants used in this Story:









    I honestly loved this contestant. She was sooo sarcastic in an awesome way! We all know that "Whatever" is a better way of saying "Go kill yourself". Definitely a villain. But I favor the villains >:)

    He's nice but I barely know him as a contestant

    Yep he's a good contestant. Made the merge 3 times to one elimination without merge. Not really worthy of being a hero due to the fact that he is just not the hero type.

    One of the most stealthiest contestants every seen. He's a BEAST. In an awesome way. Definitely a hero.


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  • PsychoManStudios

    Sooo no one will probably read this but I am gonna make a story each Saturday about some contestants each Saturday. I will also talk about them and my thoughts of them before the story.

    Now I also I have something else to say today. I would have to say Timon, and everone new in Season 4 is "First" Generation. This is because the old players had never stopped playing until now.

    The next time there will be 12 players they will be called the 2nd Generation. Sooo yea thats it. Look forward to it please :) Cya later.

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Well this is more of an analysis of the season sooo I really wont be reviewing the episode. All I can say is that if cj was in the council vote it would have been a tie. 

    Timon lost ;( I mean yea the Villain of the Season never wins. The villain always gets like 2nd or 3rd of 4th place. And I know I'm gonna get some people saying, "Bla I'm gay and think that Echo is the villain of the season." ECHO IS NOT THE DARN VILLLAIN HE GOT ELIMINATED EARLY. NO OFFENSE ECHO BUT TIMON IS ACCIDENTLY THE VILLAIN TIMON IS AWESOME AND HE IS DEFINITELY THE REAL VILLAIN OF THE SEASON. TIMON WILL BE IN HEROES VS VILLAINS AND BE ON THE VILLAINS NOT THE DARN HEROES, UNLESS HE TRIES OUT FOR THE HEROEs BUT STILL. GAWSH

    So this is the part of the blog were i give my…

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Hello!!!!!!!!! Sikey here to review the second to last episode of Season 4! This kinda saddens me due to the fact that the next episode wont come out till like 2014 JK like March or February 28th.

    At the beginning the players continue to kill themselves on the challenge which is Double Elimination. I'm starting to think kawaii made this challenge a little bit too hard. Brother is dying the least out of all the players. Apperantly Cj is lagging like heck because of the music. Wow that has to suck just because of the fact of the music being a reward. He lags so much he runs off the cliff.

    Timon93 is close to winning until he finally falls to his death. Speedy has lost his Fancy Pants sadly :( Ugh I hope you make it bro same with Timon. Timon i…

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  • Cjcoley2

    Whos Your Favorite Player

    January 28, 2014 by Cjcoley2

    Hey Every One I Made A Poll Of Season 4 Players to see who you favorite the most I do hope you vote on this it would be interesting to see who the favorite is. here's is the link to that page

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  • PsychoManStudios

    What is up my Potatoes of Minecraft Survivor! So I wasnt here to do the Episode 12 Review I apoligize. 

    Alright so at the beginning The Four remaining players head to the commons where they will have an auction! omgtc(Oh My Grandma's Tasty Cookies)! So at the Auction there are 7 items available. All of them are cookies sadly. Sooooo basically they're useless. JK. Apperantly only one item at the auction is useless though. Soul Sand. 

    Cj had like 69 diamonds so he really got everything. Well most of it though. He got the first item which was a 10 second head start. LOL that's pretty useless. 

    Speedwinner gets 3 Soul Sand for like 11 Diamonds which is a complete waste of Diamonds lol. brother gets Long Way for like 9 diamonds. Timon getz Double …

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Hello, my beautiful Survivors of Potatoland! 

    Today I have yet another review about the Duck Song! jk It's just Minecraft Survivor were talking about!

    So the episode starts off with Speedy spamming kawaiivinny saying if he can go back to the camp and get his immunity idol. Also kawaiivinny teleports all the people that remain.

    So I think to myself as I look hopelessly at the two players from blue team. Hmmmmm I really think one of them is going to go. So DMMegsie hits kawaiivinny and kawaiivinny hits her back. I see that kawaii has a diamond sword and she says that she was showing it to the zombie she had just killled. The votes start with cjcoley entering the area were they vote. Hmmm I wonder who he will vote for. 

    John_Bro says he wants Alc…

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Why Hello my Survivors. Depressive Sikey here. So last night the new episode of Season 4 came out. 

    It starts off with Kawaiivinny asking about the Base camp challenge until the players say screw it. Hmmm wow I can't believe kawaii would go so easily without saying they have to do the camp challenge.

    Timon93, UGAdawgs222, and Brotherbird head to the elimination.They confess their love for eachother and begin to make out. JK ewwww thats gross. No offense but I dont support gay crap. Ok that was off topic sooo. They say its been fun and are sad to vote someone out. 

    Soo the votes begin. One vote for Brotherbird50 and two for UGAdawgs222. Well this is depressing 2 to 4. 

    Brotherbird and Timon bid their farewells to UGAdawgs222 and hug him goodbye…

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  • PsychoManStudios

    So let's just say the Challenge was AWESOME. It was good. I have to say it was good. 

    In the beginning it looks like Blue is winning which I'm excited about and Timon93 is beasting it. Also Brotherbird50 is to. Timon93 is high on pain-meds HILARIOUS. Lol. And AlcoholicRobot is beating UGAdawgs222. Dang, dont screw this up dawgs :3

    As I watch Brotherbird and Speed tie. Nooooooo. Whyyyyyy. Dang that sucks. Now its up to Uga and Timon93.

    As I watch I see that Timon93 is way ahead of Cj. YES. 

    So Timon93 wins. It's down to AlcoholicRobot and UGAdawgs222. Hmmm AlcoholicRobot is currently winning. Crap I dont want a tie-Breaker D: This saddens me.

    The Tie-breaker is called firestarter were both players must light their log first. Brotherbird50 looks …

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  • MCbeccy89

    Hey there xD

    December 19, 2013 by MCbeccy89

    Hello there! Mcbeccy89 here, And I'm new to wikia so I have no idea how this is suppose to work xD I guess I'll tell you some stuff about me or something? xD Well for starters, I am very competitive. I play a lot of pvp games and things you would do on a head to head battle with someone. My friends call me a 'Try Hard' cause I try way to hard xD I LOVE parkour! One of my favorite things to do!

    So Yeah, Thats some stuff about me... :P Well I guess I'll cya later? Lol Idk xD Well I guess this is bye for now, Bai!

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Hellooooooo People Of POTATOLAND I am Sikey and I apoligize for being late with my review. 

    Ahhhh so the episode starts off with the intro bla bla bla and then the challenge starts. Kawaii says you cant cross the lanes Someone starts digging down. HEY IMA DIGGING A HOLE. Ugh I'm not in the mood for one of these review. Speed: Can you change the time of the day??????????????????? Cj sword for you. What there's lapis and sponges what is this sorcery? LOL

    So the flag will be lifted soon who will win? People are going to be voted out I wonder who -.-

    Hmmm so what I thought was hilarious was that they were off the land and Kawaii was like YOU CAN'T BE OFF THE LAND. Mob spawners and Chests? Just like a dungeon hmmm I wonder what is in the chest. Sp…

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Episode 7 Review

    December 10, 2013 by PsychoManStudios

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii What is up my PEOPLE OF AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Haha So currently I am making this at School. I had to smuggle a computer to the Theater where my school is rehearsing for the Christmas Pageant. LOL.

    Ok no more distractions here is the Review.

    So the episode starts off with blue team looking for a chest that holds the design of a painting you have to make. Kawaii goes to a chest with a sign on top of it. It shows a pattern of wools. Is this the color of Mixed Colors???????????? Hmmm wait it looks like a chicken head. It changes to the Green Team who has Six people soon to become Five >:) 

    Papius or someone I think it was Papius is like Ha I know what it is... It's…

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Episode 6 Review

    December 3, 2013 by PsychoManStudios

    Hey! Wassup! This is PsychoManStudios here! Episode 6 has landed and I am ready to review this Stoof!

    So the episode starts off with Timon93 , Brotherbird50 , and UGAdawgs222 surviving the night. Brotherbird50 found the chest where the immunity idol was placed but finds no immunity idol inside of it. Dun DUn DUNNNNNNN

    Kawaii interviews AlcoholicRobot and he says the immunity idol is named Hidden Immunity Idol in the form of a snowball. The Confusion begins! He says someone has it. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. If you guys notice this is kinda short it's because I'm at school.

    John_Bro says that everyone is trying to get an alliance and eliminate others. Fear is in everyones heart as someone is trying to get someone…

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Episode 6 Theory

    November 28, 2013 by PsychoManStudios

    I dont know what I'm doing I mean I think it's hopeless for Blue Team.

    I think Green Team may lose this time, but if not Brotherbird50 and UGAdawgs222 are gonna blindside Timon93. The way they will do it is by having one of them to vote for the other. Timon93 will have no reason to use his Immunity Item that way. Timon93 will be voted of with an Immunity Item, Sadly.

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  • PsychoManStudios

    Ahhhh Episode 5 Already!? It has already been five weeks and almost a quarter of the Season is over with. I should have started with Episode 1 but I wasnt allowed to edit on this wiki then but Whatever!

    So the Episode starts off with the 10 remaining Contestants standing on their team colors. Kawaiivinny then asks for Green Team to sit out two of their members and then everyone begins to argue and volunteer because Obviously some of the contestants are lazy. DMMegsie then says, "Can I make a suggestion? Can we be the people who chooses who gets to sit out?" Why of course you can! In the 44th Season! The teams continue to argue until they finally decide with AlcoholicRobot and John_Bro sitting out. 

    So the challenge is a quick one as all you …

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  • AlcoholicRobot101

    I am bored. I need to get 50 pages on this wiki and I'm hoping to finish all of it up this weekend although it will be hard.

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